About us

Salvesen & Thams vision is to become the leading and preferred investment and ownership environment in Norway, based in Trøndelag. The company was established in 1898 at Løkken Verk, in the south of Trøndelag. The company has evolved from being a logistics company that operated the Thamshavn railway to becoming an active and long-term investor, seeking partners with shared ambitions and values.


The owners are Kverva Finans AS, Tenga AS, Varig Orkla Forsikring, Investitude AS, SMN Invest AS, employees and board members.


Kverva finans, Tenga, Varig Orkla Forsikring, Investitude, SMN Invest og andre og egne askjer


Proud traditions and innovation


Salvesen & Thams historie

1896 → 1963

From logistics company to mining operations at Løkken Verk

Chr Salvesen & Chr Thams's Communications Aktieselskab was established the 18th of July in 1898, with the purpose to build and operate the Thamshavn railway. Later, the company became responsible for supplying electrical power to the mining operation at Løkken Verk. In 1904, Orkla Grube-Aktiebolag (later Orkla ASA) was established and Chr. Salvesen & Chr. Thams's Communications Aktieselskab became a subsidiary of Orkla Grube-Aktiebolag.

Salvesen & Thams historie

1963 → 1987

Integrated in Orkla ASA

The transport of ore from the mine, and the passenger traffic with the Thamshavn railway is discontinued. All employees of Chr. Salvesen & Chr. Thams's Communications Aktieselskab are transferred to Orkla.

Skjernaldfossen 1998.jpg

1987 → 2012

Business development and history preservation in Orkladalen

In 1986, the company resumes with its own administration at Løkken Verk, and is given responsibility for business development and Orkla's activities in Orkladalen, in connection with the decision to close the mine. Orkla ASA relocate its head office to Oslo.

The last working day in the mine was the 10th of July 1987. In the coming period, the company conducts a combination of commercial activities in investment, power and real estate in addition to overseeing Orkla's historical obligations at Løkken Verk and in Orkladal.


After 2012

Investment company

In 2012, Salvesen & Thams was acquired by an ownership group consisting of chairman Bjørn Wiggen, local investors and employees. The company business concept in the beginning was commercial activities in the fields of investment, power generation and property development. In 2015, the company refines its strategy for investment and property development, and the ambition today is to become a leading investment environment with headquarter in central Norway.